Bioabundance Community Interest Company

Pioneering action to protect and restore bioabundance in South Oxfordshire

Many thanks to all our supporters. Our Crowdjustice site has passed the first milestone of £10,000 – we are now aiming to raise at least £25,000.

Bioabundance is a community-led company that is working to restore and grow biodiversity in Oxfordshire for the benefit of current and future generations.

We focus on the ecological consequences of poorly planned development across the county in order to bring about climate change mitigation and nature recovery.

Major initiatives include a plan for a 36 sq. mile National Park to the north east of Oxford as a proactive response to the Dasgupta Review and a legal challenge of South Oxfordshire’s Local Plan 2035, the first to cite climate change as one of its main grounds.

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Credit: Amanda Griffin

What is 'Bioabundance'?

Bioabundance? What on earth does that mean? Most of us have heard of Biodiversity: four out of five people think it is a washing powder. But no, biodiversity is the richness of natural life; the number of different species of plant and animal.

How do we describe the fullness of the natural world. How do we say 50 starlings is better than three? ‘Bioabundance’ describes the numbers of individuals of each species of plant or animal. If you have hedgehogs, dormice, squirrels, rabbits and badgers, that may be biodiverse; and if you have ten of each, then you may have bioabundance.

Bioabundance and biodiversity are closely related – you cannot get many different life forms (biodiversity) if the environment cannot support viable numbers of each species (bioabundance).

Join us

Join us to restore and grow bioabundance across Oxfordshire.

Credit: Henry and James Manisty
Credit: Caroline Baird


"We need to restore nature in Oxfordshire to the best state it has been in since the 1950s"
Dr Sue Roberts
"I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is"
Greta Thunberg
"Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is either mad or an economist"
Sir David Attenborough
"If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money"
Dr Guy McPherson
"It grieves me a lot to see this erosion of the Green Belt [around Oxford], a precious thing. When it’s gone it is gone"
Prof Dieter Helm

Latest updates

Leigh Day: Details of Bioabundance Appeal

On Thursday 29 April, lawyers for Bioabundance will attend  an oral hearing by video link to assert that our case against the South Oxfordshire Local plan is sufficiently strong that it should be heard in the High Court. See the press release issued by Leigh Day


Hundreds of campaigns across Britain to save countryside

Ros Coward in the Guardian looks at the national scale of environmental protest and cites the National Grassroots Campaign Map.  Local groups across the country are battling  “against huge unsustainable housing developments engulfing small towns; against the loss of greenbelt or protected wildlife areas; and against hypocritical councils who declare...

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