Pioneering Action to Restore Oxfordshire’s Bioabundance


"If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money".
Dr Guy McPherson
"Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is either mad or an economist"
Sir David Attenborough
Credit: Amanda Griffin

What do we do?

Bioabundance Community Interest Company wants our nature back. The state of the UK’s nature is almost the worst in the world. Oxfordshire people have the worst access to nature of any county in the south-east (outside London).

We face wholesale destruction of our natural places, our Green Belt, and our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Government forces us to Build, Build, Build, everywhere.

Bioabundance takes bold action to restore nature. We have taken legal action against the Government to attempt to stop over-development, we talk to decision-makers, we advise beleaguered communities, we are championing a new Regional Nature Park, and floodplain restoration.

We are a grassroots community of residents, nature-lovers, ecologists, planners, architects, and parish councils.   

"We need to restore nature in Oxfordshire to the best state it has been in since the 1950s"
Dr Sue Roberts
"It grieves me a lot to see this erosion of the Green Belt, a precious thing. When it’s gone it is gone"
Prof Dieter Helm

Join us

Join us to restore and grow bioabundance across Oxfordshire.

Credit: Henry and James Manisty
Credit: Caroline Baird
"I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is"
Greta Thunberg

Latest updates

Oxfordshire Regional Nature Park

Bioabundance, a Community Interest Company in Oxfordshire, sees the creation of a regional Nature Park as a unique opportunity to secure big gains for nature and to pilot the countryside access and co-ordination of nature and landscape action that is needed to get the best out of our Countryside. The...


Rivers of Poo

The privatised water industry is dumping raw sewage into them, and the Environment Agency has not the resources to police these illegal actions. The House of Lords asked for an amendment to the Environment Bill to stop this practice, but Conservatives in Parliament turned it down. The Thames at Wallingford,...


Insane housing numbers!

Even more housing is dictated for Oxfordshire in its draft plan to 2050. We and others are joined calling for peer review of the insane housing numbers.


Crumbling bridges

The 15th century Abingdon Bridge has a loose stone. It is unsafe. Repairs are underway and traffic has been reduced to one-way.  The bridge has been taking too much traffic – and yet 3000 houses a mile down the road (and a further 1700 in Berinsfield at the other end...

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