Put Pressure on Politicians

Political Pressure

Please contact your representatives so that they are made aware that they will get votes from taking action to protect the environment. The impact that every individual constituent can make here is very important!

Write or Email to your MP!

Please let your MP know that you are concerned about the Climate Emergency. Their approach to climate change now is the issue on which they will be judged by future generations. The influence of MPs on Ministers and their Departments is crucial to ensure that progress toward net zero is a major consideration on policy decisions and implementation in all Government Departments. Please let you MP know that a growing proportion of the electorate considers that their MP’s leadership in addressing the Climate Emergency is crucial. There are many topics to raise with your MP. Click here for some suggestions. Please choose the subjects you mind about and make sure that your MP is aware of your concerns.

Contact your County and District Councillors:

Please write to your councillors to ask them to work towards the conclusions of the Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire report. The report challenges Oxfordshire’s key decision makers to embrace a number of new recommendations, aimed at supporting the county’s drive towards a zero-carbon future. Click here for suggested text for a letter and more about the report

How to contact your MP and Local Councillors

Click here for links to email addersses for MPs and local Councillors. Click here for some points to make to County and District Councillors and our MP concerning the Oxfordshire Planning Process. It is very important that people use their own words to emphasise what they care about!

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