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Low Carbon Oxford North

Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON) is a charity set up by local residents to support ambitious CO2 cuts through local action. We work with our community, offering practical ideas, information and activities, to help address the climate crisis. We also collaborate with other groups and engage with our city and county councils, to influence climate action across Oxford.

6 Detailed comprehensive Guides  available on line 

LCON has produced a series of six Housewarming Guides to support people who want to improve their homes. These guides, prepared by independent experts, walk through the options, considering key questions for each stage of any plans to ensure they will work for you and your home.  

Martin’s Energy Savings Tips

Heat the human, not the home  &  60 home energy savers checklist.

Cosy Homes Oxfordshire

Cosy Homes Oxfordshire is a partnership scheme between Low Carbon Hub and RetrofitWorks aiming to make retrofit simple. They have recordsed a sertoes of webinars:

A beginner’s guide to retrofit – the importance of tackling home energy efficiency in the climate emergency Learn what retrofit is, why it’s important within the context of our UK housing stock, examples of common energy efficiency issues and retrofit measures which could address them, and more. Learn more.

A guide to insulating your home – cavity wall, floor, and loft insulation Learn which kind of homes need insulation, find out about various types of floor, roof, and wall insulation – as well as funding available to support homeowners with installing insulation. Learn more.

A guide to using air source or ground source heat pumps as a low carbon home heating system Learn how air source and ground source heat pumps work as a heating system, why they’re a good option to improve energy efficiency, what installation looks like, what types of homes they work for, and more. Learn more.

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