Loft Insulation

Did you know that approximately a quarter of the heat from your home is lost through the roof if you don’t have loft insulation? Modern homes are likely to be better insulated due to the requirements of building regulations, but even a modern home may benefit from adding further loft insulation.

The recommended thickness of loft insulation is 270mm. So, if yours is less than this, you may like to consider topping it up. If you have an older property with little or no insulation, it’s definitely worth adding insulation now. Most people will be able to carry out the insulation themselves; it’s easy to do if you are physically mobile. If not, there are many specialist companies who can do this for you. The link below provides more information regarding loft insulation and may be useful to find suitable installers.

As an example of installation costs, savings in heating costs and savings in CO2, the Energy Saving Trust ( suggest for the average detached house it would cost £680 to install, would result in £580 savings per year and result in 1300kg per year less CO2 being released to the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if your house isn’t detached, you’ll still make significant savings with the optimum loft insulation.

You may find you qualify for assistance with the cost of loft insulation: for people on means-tested benefits it is likely to be free. To check if this applies to you, try following this link, .

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