Oxford Mail: is SODC’s local plan good or bad for Wallingford?

On 10 February, The ex-Mayor of Wallingford Lee Upcraft took Sue Roberts to task for challenging the local plan. He makes the point that if the local plan were overturned, the neighbour plan for Wallingford would also be ‘scrapped’ and leave Wallingford vulnerable to speculative development. On 11 February, Sue responded that ‘Wallingford’s plan will […]

Crumbling bridges

The 15th century Abingdon Bridge has a loose stone. It is unsafe. Repairs are underway and traffic has been reduced to one-way.  The bridge has been taking too much traffic – and yet 3000 houses a mile down the road (and a further 1700 in Berinsfield at the other end of the road) are planned […]

Bioabundance is taking its case to the Court of Appeal!

The Company aims to get the SODC local development plan overturned. Sue Roberts, Chair of Bioabundance says: “This plan is to build four times more homes than can even be filled, according to current trends. Government is selling off the land under our feet to create economic growth in our area. We would have to […]

Hundreds of campaigns across Britain to save countryside

Ros Coward in the Guardian looks at the national scale of environmental protest and cites the National Grassroots Campaign Map.  Local groups across the country are battling  “against huge unsustainable housing developments engulfing small towns; against the loss of greenbelt or protected wildlife areas; and against hypocritical councils who declare a climate emergency in one […]

Bioabundance files appeal to have legal action proceed

Today Bioabundance lodged an appeal with the planning court for it to reconsider its decision (Monday 29 March) to refuse our application for statutory review of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan. This oral hearing will allow lawyers to assert that the claim is clearly arguable and should go ahead. Dr Sue Roberts, director of Bioabundance, […]

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