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OPEN LETTER to all South and Vale District Councillors re Proposed Developments in Flood Plains and Inadequate Sewage Capacity.

Everything has changed. Our safety is at risk. 5,000 dwellings foisted onto South Oxfordshire’s Green Belt by Oxford City and forced through by Government in 2020, cannot be built. Not unless we want to revert to Victorian conditions with all the public health implications of a sewage-filled river. The Environment Agency (EA) objects to building […]

Environment Agency slams plans for development North of Bayswater Brook

The Environment Agency objects in principle to the proposed development as it falls within a flood risk vulnerability category that is inappropriate to the Flood Zone(s) in which the application site is located. They do not have enough information to be satisfied that the proposed development can meet requirements for the net improvement of ecology […]

High Court overturns inspectors’ decision to water down net zero policy in council’s 2,200-home plan

Ricardo Gama, solicitor at Leigh Day which acted on behalf of the claimant, said: “The judge has found that the government’s planning inspectors were wrong to hold that national planning policy prevented local authorities from setting climate-compatible energy efficiency requirements for new buildings. The case is a frustrating example of a local authority trying to […]

Response by a Bioabundance member the Joint South and Vale Local Plan

“The Vision needs a stronger indication of the connection between people’s wellbeing and the wider flourishing of the natural environment and to emphasise that this needs to be planned for. Furthermore, that this is not a matter of just protecting a few special sites but requires positive action across the whole area. For example “For […]

Bioabundance Comments on the Joint South and Vale Local Plan.

Bioabundance agrees with the Vision and Objectives of the Joint South and Vale Local Plan but emphasises that Zero carbon, nature restored and the wellbeing of future generations, are key to the interests of Bioabundance Community Interest Company (170 members including parish councils and other community groups, predominantly in South Oxfordshire). Meeting these needs is […]

Prioritising Climate and the Environment in the General Election

The upcoming election will be critical for the environment. The next five years – the likely life of the next government – will be the five years in which we have to make real progress on climate and biodiversity if we are to avoid the worst impacts. These issues cannot be delayed any further. Whatever […]

Help us to stop Oxford City’s Inflated Housing Plans which will impact the whole County.

Oxford City Council is planning to build many more houses than the Government figures suggest. Oxford City’s inflated housing need becomes Oxfordshire’s problem when Planning Inspectors can force District Councils to build to meet Oxford City’s inflated housing aspirations. Please write to your District and County Councilors to resist the consequences of this – lots of […]

Deep Sea Mining Moratorium

The UK has just announced their support for a moratorium on deep sea mining. [1] This is a huge win for our oceans and is down to people like you across the country – and the world – taking action. But the work to protect our oceans is far from done. The UK is yet […]

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