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Super National Nature Park for Oxfordshire

We propose a 100 sq mile Regional Nature Park (RNP) for inclusion in Oxfordshire Plan 2050. It is 14 by 7 miles, half in Oxfordshire, the rest in Buckinghamshire. It includes Otmoor, the Upper Ray wetlands and the Bernwood-Stowood-Shotover ancient forests, meadows and heaths. The Oxfordshire section holds a quarter of our county’s nationally important […]

Oxford City Council shows support for our national park plan

In the meeting on Monday 22 March  Green Councillor Dick Wolff introduced a motion for the city council to issue a statement of support for national park to the northeast of Oxford. Instead, Council unanimously adopted an amendment to ‘consider a statement of support’ on the grounds that it is a relatively new idea.  The […]

Press release: Bioabundance calls for new National Park north of Oxford

Bioabundance has put together a plan for a 36 sq mile National Park to the northeast of Oxford. It would create economic, social, mental, and physical benefits for residents, close to where they live. The Government has called for new National Parks, in its Environment Bill and in its 10-point plan: the Green Industrial Revolution. […]

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