Oxford City Council shows support for our national park plan

In the meeting on Monday 22 March  Green Councillor Dick Wolff introduced a motion for the city council to issue a statement of support for national park to the northeast of Oxford. Instead, Council unanimously adopted an amendment to ‘consider a statement of support’ on the grounds that it is a relatively new idea.  The city council will look into further involvement ‘after more information can be gathered.’ This could include exploration of extending the park into adjoining areas (e.g. Shotover).

As Councillor Wolff noted, the park with its meadows, woodlands and wetlands would make a major contribution to carbon capture. Furthermore the Stowood-Bernwood-Otmoor area is ideal for a national park because:

  • environmental concerns already exclude 90 percent of the area from development;
  • 80 percent is identified as ‘environmentally sensitive’;
  • 65 percent is already a conservation target area;
  • of the 20 percent ‘insensitive land’ half is above 90 metres and too prominent to be considered for major development.

Other councillors who spoke in favour of the park were: Craig Simmons, John Tanner, Tom Landell Mills and Steve Goddard who pointed out that this was a ‘remarkably diverse set of habitats within immediate striking distance of Oxford.’

For press coverage go to the Oxford Mail

For the city council meeting, go to YouTube (1.14.10 – 1.22.30)

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