About us

What is Bioabundance Community Interest Company?

Bioabundance is a fully registered Community Interest Company (CIC), It is the campaigning arm of its sister group, SOS (South Oxfordshire Sustainability), which was set up in 2011.

For more about what we do, see Our Work .

Our Members

We have over 70 members including 10 parish councils. 

Our expertise is wide: ecology, climate change, law, planning and business. Many members belong to other climate or nature groups, and help us engage with organisations such as Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), Wild Oxfordshire, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Earth Trust, Friends of the Earth, One Planet Oxfordshire, Woodland Trust and Not the Expressway Group (NEG).

Citizens have been incredibly generous and have made it possible for Bioabundance to take legal actions. A number of parish councils have made substantial donations under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

We welcome people and organisations that care about the recovery of our natural world, and halting and adapting to climate change, to the benefit of current and future residents of Oxfordshire

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