Super National Nature Park for Oxfordshire

We propose a 100 sq mile Regional Nature Park (RNP) for inclusion in Oxfordshire Plan 2050. It is 14 by 7 miles, half in Oxfordshire, the rest in Buckinghamshire. It includes Otmoor, the Upper Ray wetlands and the Bernwood-Stowood-Shotover ancient forests, meadows and heaths. The Oxfordshire section holds a quarter of our county’s nationally important […]

Please tell MPs and Councillors that you care about their Climate Action

It is up to us as members of the electorate to convince our national and local politicians that climate action equals votes. “When it comes to the climate and ecological crisis, we have solid unequivocal scientific evidence of the need for change. The problem is, all that evidence puts the current best available science on […]

Global Ocean Treaty

This is huge! After years of campaigning and a tense final week of negotiations, world leaders have put aside their differences and finally secured a historic Global Ocean Treaty. This puts us on a path to potentially save our oceans from the brink of disaster. Can you take a moment to watch and share this […]

Companies Failing to Set and Meet Emission Targets

Tortoise Net Zero reports: Less than half of FTSE 100 companies are on track to meet their emissions reductions targets, Companies are coming under growing pressure from investors, consumers and regulators to prepare for the transition to net zero. But while some of the UK’s biggest companies have grasped the need for change, far too […]

Climate News

Warmest Years and Warmest Ocean on Record. It is likely the oceans are now at their warmest for 1,000 years and heating faster than at any time in the last 2,000 years. Read More Greta Thurnborg Publishes THE CLIMATE BOOK. The science concerning the future impact of climate change is clear; what is missing is […]

Rebellion against house building targets

Emma Barnet sets the scene on BBC Woman’s Hour re the rebellion against house building targets with input from Kitty Donaldson, Political Editor at Bloomberg News. Listen on BBC Sounds at . First 8.5 minutes, Emma Barnet setting the scene, then Rosie Pearson talking about this for about 21 minutes. Rosie Pearson runs the […]

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