Oxford Mail: is SODC’s local plan good or bad for Wallingford?

On 10 February, The ex-Mayor of Wallingford Lee Upcraft took Sue Roberts to task for challenging the local plan. He makes the point that if the local plan were overturned, the neighbour plan for Wallingford would also be ‘scrapped’ and leave Wallingford vulnerable to speculative development.

On 11 February, Sue responded that ‘Wallingford’s plan will stand firm, once it has passed at referendum, regardless of the district plan.’  and In fact,  the local plan is a disaster for Wallingford because it actually creates the conditions for speculative housing. SODC has planned for many more houses than it can actually build. When councils fail to achieve their annual housing delivery target, that is when they become vulnerable to speculative development.  

See Lee Upcraft’s opinion piece:  Overturning Local Plan is a disaster for Wallingford

And Sue’s response here. ‘Yes the Local Plan is a disaster for Wallingford’  

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