Bioabundance files appeal to have legal action proceed

Today Bioabundance lodged an appeal with the planning court for it to reconsider its decision (Monday 29 March) to refuse our application for statutory review of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan. This oral hearing will allow lawyers to assert that the claim is clearly arguable and should go ahead.

Dr Sue Roberts, director of Bioabundance, said: “Democracy died when Robert Jenrick forced this Conservative plan through. He overruled the newly elected LibDem-Greens, chosen by the people, and stopped them from scrapping the hated plan. This plan is for four times the number of homes we need: four new homes for every new household. This satisfies greed but not need. The high target cannot be met and will lead to speculative development.”

Please circulate this update  with a copy of the press release from Leigh Day.

For more information about the appeal, see the grounds of renewal and for the court’s refusal, see the opinion of Judge Dove.


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