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Calls to rethink housebuilding in the countryside

Sir Roger Gale Conservative MP for Thanet is calling on the Prime Minister to to stop  ‘plans to smother acres of prime agricultural land in housing that is not needed for local people.’ Watch the full exchange with Boris Johnson at PMQ 10 February On the other side of the political spectrum, Ros Coward in […]

Oxford Mail: is SODC’s local plan good or bad for Wallingford?

On 10 February, The ex-Mayor of Wallingford Lee Upcraft took Sue Roberts to task for challenging the local plan. He makes the point that if the local plan were overturned, the neighbour plan for Wallingford would also be ‘scrapped’ and leave Wallingford vulnerable to speculative development. On 11 February, Sue responded that ‘Wallingford’s plan will […]

Press release: Bioabundance calls for new National Park north of Oxford

Bioabundance has put together a plan for a 36 sq mile National Park to the northeast of Oxford. It would create economic, social, mental, and physical benefits for residents, close to where they live. The Government has called for new National Parks, in its Environment Bill and in its 10-point plan: the Green Industrial Revolution. […]

POETS highlight Bioabundance case in critique of Oxfordshire’s Democratic Deficit

The planning and environmental group, POETS is raising serious concerns about the erosion of local democracy in Oxfordshire where central government and bodies that are remote, unelected and unaccountable to local people are taking control of the planning process. The critique cites the legal challenge of Bioabundance against SODC. In  DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT 2021 Who decides Oxfordshire’s […]

Guardian interview with Sue Roberts

“UK plan to build 24,000 homes faces legal challenge” “Robert Jenrick accused of ‘massive intervention’ on scheme incompatible with commitment to climate crisis Campaigners are challenging the Oxfordshire plan on the grounds that Jenrick’s intervention was inappropriate and that the proposed number of houses breaches the government’s legally binding commitment to hit net zero by […]

BBC South Today: Bioabundance legal action

Bioabundance is taking action against South Oxfordshire District Council because central government put pressure on councillors to adopt a controversial local plan for 13,500 new homes that doesn’t do enough to tackle climate change. Sue Roberts comments, that a local plan can only reduce climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gase in the […]

South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2035

Bioabundance Community Interest Company is challenging the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2035 (LP2035) on the grounds of climate change, improper pressure put on councillors to adopt the plan, excessive and incorrectly calculated housing numbers, and inadequate consultation. Lawyers from Brighton Legal Clinic has generously helped, without charge, and will continue to do so. They have […]

South Oxfordshire District Council votes through the Local Plan 2035

Bioabundance was dismayed at the Fateful Vote of 10th December 2020 when councillors at South Oxfordshire voted through the Local Plan 2035. We know councillors felt forced to adopt the plan that they hated as much as their electorate does. It will do untold damage to our land. In response, on the 4th January, Bioabundance […]

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